Why furniture manufacturing takes 4-8 weeks?

How long should you expect to wait for your furniture? And what 4-8 weeks actually mean. We will try explaining this in the article showing you the whole manufacturing process.

In our case, product creation starts at the time of purchase. This item is made for you specifically and not often do we have pre-made furniture. Though it happens but it is not „in the warehouse“ for long.

Additionally, there is a human element to the production of these products. Human eyes evaluate the lumber for visual approval and hands touch each piece to ensure a smooth finish. All natural wood will have flaws, and that is part of its beauty, but having a pair of human eyes helps to make informed decisions on wood grain look and placement.

Now as we touched some important notes let’s get into the manufacturing process in more detail.


We will start with the lumber, the raw material which is cut and prepared in our manufacturing facility. While, in some cases, standard size lumber may be pre-cut, the overall production is not set in motion until you order. That means the lumber is selected based on each item.


Once we have an oak prepared, we will start manufacturing the “shields” from those pieces of oak lumber. After the shields and corners are pre-manufactured, we will go forward preparing for the assembly.

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Assembling the furniture takes much longer compared with other furniture from large stores like Ikea. Since Ikea furniture is manufactured for home assembly, our furniture assembled in the manufacturing facility. This is due to design, which can not be achieved with simple assembling at home.


Once we have a shell assembled it takes a long time to sand it perfectly and prepare it for the color application. Due to round corner design the sanding can take up to few days.


The color then is applied. Oil treatment takes additional 4-6 days since few layers are applied and the drying period is quite long.


After that the final assembly can take place. This stage involves pre-fitting all technical elements such as hinges, drawer Track systems etc. This stage is very meticulous and in the end we have a finished furniture ready for shipping.

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The last stage is packing the furniture for safe shipping. We use a custom made polyester fittings to protect our furniture during the shipping. Also, ordering the shipping including all necessary documents and certificates can take few days as well.

Finally, the order is ready and shipped. Depending on order and where it is shipped the time to prepare order takes 4-8 weeks.