Questions and Answers

  • Where do You ship your furniture?

Oak Studio ships furniture mainly in European continent and United States. 

  • What carriers do you use?

We use DHL, TNT and UPS services. Exact service we will use depends on the country where furniture ships. We have experiance in shipping furniture therefore we choose carefully which company to use in which country.

  • Does shipping company brings my furniture to my apartment?

We use door to door service. Courier will call you before delivery. Your furniture will arrive to Your address, however each country has it own rules of shipment delivery. Some couriers will bring packages to Your door, some only to the address. Heavy items (dressers, TV stands) are brought to Your address, but most probably courier will not carry it to Your apartment. For heavy items we suggest discussing with Your courier when he calls You.

  • Can I track my shipment?

Yes! We provide tracking information.

  • How long does it take for the furniture to arrive?

It usually takes  6-8 weeks for us to complete Your order. Shipping takes additional 6-8 working days. In United States we ship via plane, therefore delivery times is 6-12 working days.

  • How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost depends on the country where we ship. We manufacture our furniture in Lithuania (Europe). Shipping prices constantly changes but here are the very approximate calculations:


Standard Nightstands  ~ 40 Eur;  Coffee tables ~80 Eur; Dressers ~ 120-180 Eur.

United States:

Standard Nightstands  ~ 100 USD;  Coffee tables ~150 USD; Dressers ~ 250-450 USD.

  • Does damage occurs during the shipping?

Unfortunately this is inevitable and damage occurs to 10% of the shipments. To lower this number since 2018 we changed packaging, introduced new couriers and all our shipments now are insured.

  • Do you make custom furniture?

Yes! we make custom furniture of Oak Studio furniture line. If You have specific dimensions in mind please contact us and we will prepare sketches and renderings for Your furniture.

  • What is your experience in furniture making?

Oak Studio Designs line started since 2015. During the time since beginning we solved all problems with manufacturing and now can offer only best quality product. Our team have more than 60 years of furniture making experience combined.

  • How long does it take to finish my furniture?

It usually takes  6-8 weeks for us to complete Your order. We can finish earlier if the order is standard furniture and we have it made. However most of our furniture is made when we have an specific order.

  • How do I take care of my furniture?

Our furniture does not require specific treatment. The care instructions You may find here. Our furniture is made from solid oak. We also provide care kit (sanding paper and oil). In case anything happens You can always repair scratches with the care kit.

  • Do I need to assemble my furniture?

Due to the manufacturing technology our furniture comes almost fully assembled. You will need only to screw in the legs and drawer pulls. We provide bolts and hexagon tool. You will not need to drill or to glue anything.

  • How do I buy Your furniture?

Simply press purchase on our site, choose Your preferred option (credit card or paypal) and insert Your full information which will be needed for delivery. For other options You may contact us directly.

  • Is furniture made completely in solid oak?

All our furniture body is made in Solid oak. However, if furniture has drawers, the insides of drawers will be made from solid oak veneer. This is due to the characteristics of solid wood. Natural wood moves thus in future due to the movement drawer tracks might stop working. Therefore the drawers looks like they are made in solid oak, but to enhance the lifetime of furniture we use oak veneer for insides