Why furniture manufacturing takes 4-8 weeks?

How long should you expect to wait for your furniture? And what 4-8 weeks actually mean. We will try explaining this in the article showing you the whole manufacturing process.

Solid wood vs wood veneer

Few can deny the fact that solid natural wood furniture looks beautiful. It brings a feel of classic and quality décor to your home. However, it is also a more costly initial investment. Lets check why it is worth the investment.

Drawers and doors adjustment

One of the strongest, most useful feature of the Track system we use is the adjustability of all their components. The engineers at blum understand that a cabinet is rarely, truly square and straight. Small imperfections are common, especially when it is placed on not perfectly level ground

Why wood furniture is so expensive? A breakdown

What even is high-quality wood furniture? It’s no secret that you can find inexpensive “wood” furniture more readily now than ever before. It may look good, it may feel good, it may even come from a store with a neat aesthetic