OakStudioDesigns makes furniture in fully natural oak; therefore it can be sanded and refurbished and re-oiled or repainted as many times as You wish during the lifetime. 

Caring for solid wood

Polished with natural oil every 1-2 years, the wooden surfaces retain their beauty for a long time. Even dents or scratches can be mended easily: sand it down, apply oil, and you’re done. But not just that. The open-pored treatment lets wood preserve its wonderful properties. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-static effect, can absorb smells and helps regulate the humidity in the living space.

Please ensure that you rinse and dispose of all oil-soaked cloths and cleaning pads after use, as they can pose a risk of spontaneous combustion. Read the information on the bottles.

Clean the oak

Take a soft dry cloth and buff out any dust. To protect the wood, always use soft cotton cloths. Avoid cleaning with common household cleaners, even if they're wood cleaners. Many household cleaners can leave behind a layer of oil that will buildup. Or, cleaners may strip your furniture over time.

Moisturize your furniture

To maintain your furniture's shine and repel water, treat the wood with furniture oil, wax, or polish. Moisturize at least once a month to prevent cracking or more frequently (like once a week) if the furniture gets daily wear and tear. The dryness level in wood will equal the dryness of its surroundings after a few months. Rapid temperature and humidity changes always risk cracking.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat

Don't place oak furniture next to a source of heat or in direct sunlight. This can cause excessive dryness, difficult to fix cracks of body components, and color fading. If you must place the furniture right next to an air vent, close its louvers to reduce air flow (but don't close more than a small fraction of them all, as that could hurt the HVAC system.). Keep your oak furniture inside, wooden furniture should always be used inside.

Clean up spills

Always clean spills and water off of oak furniture. Since oak is porous, it will easily soak up water. This can damage the finish and lead to staining. Wipe up spills with a clean dry cloth or paper towel. The longer a spill sits, the deeper the spill can penetrate. This is why it's important to dry a spill as soon as you notice it

Move  furniture carefully

No matter how strong and sturdy oak furniture looks, always move it with care. To do so, lift it or gently push it with sliders and rollers. Carefully set it down to preserve the integrity of the joints. If a joint does come undone, it can usually be fixed with glue and a clamp. Never drag furniture by it's legs or pull it across a room.

Adjusting the Drawers

After the Furniture is placed in Your environment the drawer alignment might be  slight off. This is due to the surface You place the furniture on. Slightest irregularities in floor level might create slight irregularities in drawer alignment. Good news is that it is very easy to solve. Please check this video and You will be able to get a perfect alignment! Please keep in mind that for height level You do not have to remove the drawer.

In unlikely case of cracking do not worry, it does not effect the structural integrity of the furniture and Your local woodworker can easily fix it.