Drawers and doors adjustment is built in

Blum track systems

One of the strongest, most useful feature of the Track system we use is the adjustability of all their components. The engineers at blum understand that a cabinet is rarely, truly square and straight. Small imperfections are common, especially when it is placed on not perfectly level ground.

The blum systems allows drawers to run freely even if the drawer itself is not square, or the cabinet is misaligned. Fine adjustments on just about all components of the system make this possible.

Please check this video for Blum Soft close drawer system alignment:

And this is the video for Blum push to open system alignment:

Also, all doors on hinges can be adjusted in many directions. Please refer to this video guide:


Since the furniture is in natural oak, it has a slight movement depending on the temperature and overall room climate. Because of this movement it might need some small adjustments in the furniture lifetime.

Many tracking systems use the same logic of adjustability. It is important to know the overall possibilities ant that everything can be adjusted. The actual functionality might differ from time due to updates in blum technology, but overall logic remains the same.